Our Process

Working with Helix is as Simple as 1, 2, 3

We manage, assess, and resolve issues and tickets, assign work and offer advice.

We take ownership of the overall user experience

We manage all business application issues and requests to ensure successful outcomes.

MSP Response Times

We triage all Managed Service requests and respond by level of severity; our commitment is to restoring service and productivity as quickly as possible.
ClassificationPersonnel or Functions AffectedService Center ClockTarget Response Time

  • Platform down/inaccessible by all users.

  • Critical or urgent/time sensitive needs

  • 7am-7pm CST, excluding Sat & Sun.

  • After hours support, will be provided on an emergency basis

  • 30 min


  • Single user down unable to access the system

  • 7am-7pm CST, excluding Sat & Sun.

  • 1 hour


  • No related outage. Technical support and business support

  • 7am-7pm CST, excluding Sat & Sun.

  • 24 hours


  • Expert product & service items and customer specific request, customizations, modifications, enhancements or require proper planning and requirements gathering or Helix professional services

  • 7am-7pm CST, excluding Sat & Sun.

  • Customer and Helix will plan and prioritize

Proactive system monitoring and analysis

Our managed process provides mentoring and management of resources to address root causes.