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We are proud to announce that Helix will be joining ReSource Pro, one of the fastest growing companies in the US. With more than 8,000 employees serving over 1,000 clients across the insurance industry, ReSource Pro has established itself as the leading operations partner to insurance organizations seeking improved productivity and profitability.

In a landscape where retail agencies are faced with increasing talent and technology constraints, the combination of Resource Pro and Helix brings operational and system expertise to them through a single team.

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Save Time. Solve Problems. Improve Results.

Helix improves performance and profitability by accepting responsibility for the Agency Experience — AX.
AX occurs at the intersection of the agency staff and the systems, tools, and processes they use to write policies and service customers. AX is a measurement of how happy and productive your staff is, and how satisfied your customers are.
Helix improves AX through a combination of managed and professional services.

We can step right in

Helix is the partner you’ve been looking for. Our unique engagement model transforms our capabilities into extensions of your company.

Our Services Work Flexibly

Each program is compiled from options in the following service areas:

Managed Services

Supplement resources by taking responsibility of current and future needs.

Professional Services

Enrich operations, business systems utilization, strategy and execution.

Applications Supported

Core Systems:
Related Products/Processes: